[amsat-bb] Re: Russian KOSMOS award?

Bob DeVarney W1ICW we1u at myfairpoint.net
Fri Jul 8 08:10:27 PDT 2011

Well, I just checked the AMSAT web page which is where I should have 
started in the first place, and see that the SA-AMSAT award is still 
viable.. stuck my foot in my mouth as usual...

On 7/8/2011 11:07 AM, Bob DeVarney W1ICW wrote:
> I am wondering how many Russian KOSMOS awards have been/were issued? 
> Anybody have any info on them?
> I was cleaning the shack up and after dusting off the walls, I noticed 
> mine from 1998 with number 51-RS  on it.
> I know N1JEZ has one with a similar number on his. Anybody have any  
> idea if they still issue the award?
> Are they still issuing the JARL FUJI Award or the SA-AMSAT award and 
> more? I might have some real dinosaurs here on my walls...
> 73 de W1ICW
> Alias Cro-Magnon man

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