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Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Thu Jul 7 02:36:37 PDT 2011

 I remember one winter sometime around 1998 there was a real bad ice storm
on the east coast. Canadian hams were using AO-27 to pass health and welfare
traffic. There was no electricity up there for months, propagation was bad,
there was no other way for some. I passed some traffic myself, sent out an
email letting relatives know that they were ok. And yes while this was
trying to go on, people were still calling CQ, and asking for grid squares

73 Jeff kb2m

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I don't know how in the world an FM satellite (TWO USER) on a 12 
minute pass would help in an emergency...Unless there was only one 
person  involved in the emergency! The other one being the assistance....

A lot of us were screaming ssb/cw (READ BANDWIDTH) when AMSAT-NA blew 
its wad on AO51.

            73, Dave, WB6LLO
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