[amsat-bb] Re: FM satellites

Peter Portanova wb2oqq at verizon.net
Wed Jul 6 04:42:39 PDT 2011


I'm not about to convert you to the FM satellites, you were very fortunate 
to operate during the halcyon period for amateur satellites.  However, we 
want to keep amateur satellites in space, and we must deal with the current 
economic situation.  It is a thrill for me to teach someone how to operate 
thru an FM satellite with an HT in their yard and experience that excitement 
thru them.

Dave, I can understand your position on how easy it is for you to operate an 
FM satellite, it may be that you have an Oscar station which would make it 
"boring" and too easy for you.

Here is a challenge, Tim Lilley, N3TL earned the Oscar Satellite 
Communications award using only 50 mW and a hand held antenna for all his 
contacts, give it a try and report back how "easy" that is to accomplish.

73's Pete

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