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Martha, sounds technical to me.(????)

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Dee - Would you answer this.

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If you are looking at a pass Say AO-51, and it says it will start at 09:50
UTC-This is the time in UTC the pass will begin at YOUR location in UTC.  I
am not sure of what you are looking at to get a prediction, however, if you
are using SATPC32 and you have setup the observer as yourself at the
location you list, you will have the correct times UTC for your location.
The program can be setup to show in local time or UTC.  99.9% of hams learn
what their local time is with reference to UTC since all contacts and space
referenced items are in UTC.  Yes, your time would be 7hrs difference on the
west coast.  

Good luck on tracking the birds-don't forget to  update your keplerian data
to keep the positions of the satellites current.


Dee, NB2F






I have aquestion about the AOS Acquition of Signal UTC time.

Is the UTC time that is stated for a predicted pass, the local time that the
bird will pass over my position?

Or do I have to subtract 7 hours from the UTC time to get the correct time
the bird will pass over my position in Riverside, CA? Lattitude 33.8959
North Longitude 116.5416 West

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Call: 09:00 am Pacific

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