[amsat-bb] Re: Active FM Sats

Pedro A. Perez eb4dka at teleline.es
Tue Jul 5 03:42:20 PDT 2011

There is an easy way to work linear birds from mobile. All you need is a 
single band SSB mobile radio (FT-857, FT-897, etc), a portable SSB receiver 
(TH-F6, etc.) and very simple antennas for the downlink (like the CJU for 
mode J, 1/4 whip for mode B, etc):



I´ve made hundred of QSOs via FO-29 using this little station. It also works 
nice on FM birds.

Best 73s

Pedro EB4DKA

> Show me an all-mode HT that retails for the same sort of price and is the 
> same sort of size as an FM HT and I might be interested.  Otherwise, to 
> get UHF and VHF SSB I'm stuck with an inconveniently large radio which is 
> only really useful for the twenty minutes a day that a satellite is 
> overhead.
> Not to mention the difficulty involved in tuning the radio and aiming the 
> antenna.  Doesn't the Doppler shift mean you need to constantly retune? 
> How do you manage to do that, key the mike and point the aerial, *and* 
> have enough brainpower left to make a contact?
> Gordon MM0YEQ

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