[amsat-bb] Re: Problem with registering WiSP using WIN7 - solved

Sun Jul 3 04:03:49 PDT 2011

The registration problem turned out to be an artifact, mostly, of the
migration process I used.  When I move to a new computer, I use a LapLink
program called PCMover.  It not only moves files and settings, but installed
programs.  Because of an unwise choice of names for the old computer,
WA4SCA, and the new one, ALAN-PC, it decided to change all incidences of my
call in the registry on the new computer to ALAN-PC.  That included WiSP.
When I edited the WiSP registry directly, WiSP came up registered.  Since I
was using an administrator account, UAC turned off, I would have thought the
normal registration window would have overwritten the ALAN-PC entry, but it
didn't.  All the other programs which had that problem updated correctly,



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I have finally switched to WIN7 32 bit from XP, and have a few odd little
issues.  One is that WiSP no longer recognizes my registration number as
valid.  (Double checked from the original e-mail.)  

Possibly a clue is that when I start the program, it already has ALAN-PC in
the Callsign box.  That is the name of the PC.  Of course I clear it.  It
did register, once, and I _thought_ it was due to the caps lock being off.
However, when I booted up this morning, it was unregistered and doesn't
accept the registration with or without the caps lock being on.  I did try
some backward compatability settings, but no help.

Anybody have this happen, with a solution?  I am toying with changing the
name of the machine to WA4SCA, but am holding off until some other support
issues are solved.  


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