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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Sat Jul 2 10:13:42 PDT 2011

Hi Ed, KL7UW

Your proposal (ARISS on ISS) is so clear that I cannot understand
why some AMSAT, VP Engineers do not completely agree with you.

Following their answere to you they seems to be more lawyers than

You are right Ed when you writes..............

"If Fox or P3E sit on the shelf for 5-10 years for lack of a launch
maybe better redirected for ISS.  Not my call, obviously."

PS: some of us are getting old and may not still be here in 10-years?

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> After posting some thoughts a few days ago (RE: ISS, what the heck
> happened?), I have given the idea more consideration.
> Proposal (ARISS on ISS):
> 1)  Install a 100-KHz transponder unit on ISS, with usual digital
> beacon/engineering
> 2)  It would run mode-UV
> 3)  Installed internally in the ISS
> 4)  Replace most of the current ISS ham radio equipment
> 5)  Could be considered an upgrade/improvement to the existing ham radio
> on ISS
> 6)  Use ISS power and existing ham radio antenna infrastructure (no
> solar panels)(no thermal requirements for space environ)(perhaps less
> radiation hardening)
> 7)  Use batteries for stand-alone operation (recharged from ISS power)
> 8)  Control commanded from ground (no intervention required by astronauts)
> 9)  Local access for use of astronaut-hams
> 10)  Provide emergency back-up comms for ISS (perhaps with a separate
> FM channel)
> 11)  (perhaps) Use of existing ham-radio handheld on ISS on low-power
> to dedicated receiver which would activate astronaut repeater channel.
> 12)  This FM channel could be used as FM ham repeater when not in use
> by astronauts  (means world-wide monitoring for the astronauts as
> well as normal Leo FM activity)
> 13)  Modular design for future upgrades and/or repair (easy
> installation by astronauts-plug*n*play)
> 14)  Segmented pass-band to allow packet/APRS digipeating
> 15)  Transmitters able to be shut down for eva and other critical
> missions either locally on ISS or from ground.
> 16)  Perhaps a special Rx/Tx on ISS eva channel for cross-band repeat
> in event of loss of atmosphere emergency (help to sell the concept to
> NASA as a comms back-up).
> 17)  No need for orientation (spin or de-spin), rad hardening,
> thermal structures (air-cooled), no propulsion, no launch requirements.
> 18)  Easily maintained by supply from ground (repairs or upgrades).
> 19)  Long-Life
> Re-direct of either Fox or P3E efforts?  (no launch requirement-rides
> as cargo to ISS)
> 73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
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