[amsat-bb] Problem with registering WiSP using WIN7

Fri Jul 1 10:02:09 PDT 2011

I have finally switched to WIN7 32 bit from XP, and have a few odd little
issues.  One is that WiSP no longer recognizes my registration number as
valid.  (Double checked from the original e-mail.)  

Possibly a clue is that when I start the program, it already has ALAN-PC in
the Callsign box.  That is the name of the PC.  Of course I clear it.  It
did register, once, and I _thought_ it was due to the caps lock being off.
However, when I booted up this morning, it was unregistered and doesn't
accept the registration with or without the caps lock being on.  I did try
some backward compatability settings, but no help.

Anybody have this happen, with a solution?  I am toying with changing the
name of the machine to WA4SCA, but am holding off until some other support
issues are solved.  


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