[amsat-bb] FO29

Sat Dec 31 15:52:29 PST 2011

Good to hear FO29 back operating over the US!

Lets not forget that our flying friends are fragile and we need to keep 
looking to the future and the need for replacements.

We may get another miracle and have one of the crippled birds come back 
to life in the future, but do we really want to depend on chance?

This is a hobby and we will always be considered "second banana" when it 
comes to getting help to fund a launch.
Write someone, call someone, offer to help or heaven forbid try and find 
an extra dollar or two to donate.

I don't know where best to use anyone's talents or their monies but I do 
know this, if we do nothing there won't be someone come along and say, " 
we need an amateur satellite, lets launch one!" We need to take the 
initiative and get another satellite on the launch pad and then beg, 
borrow or steal a ride into space.

A very Happy New Year to everyone and lets get behind some of these 
satellites and find a way to get them launched!


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