[amsat-bb] Satellite Stations in Alabama

Kyle Owen kk4ang at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 12:44:58 PST 2011

After the launch of AubieSat-1, now AO-71, many stations across the
world were able to pick it up. However, it's very weak. Our 100W
station at Auburn University has been unable to command it, which has
led our team to believe that the antennas did not deploy.

However, there is a chance that with enough power we can at least get
a few words from the satellite. I have tried contacting Dennis Dease
and Jimmy Long in Alabama, but neither have the equipment set up to
talk to satellites.

Would anyone in the Southeast US area be able to help me get 1.5kW
pointed towards AO-71? I have the command transmitter and a 100W
amplifier in my possession and would need to be present to talk to the

The uplink and downlink frequencies are both in the 70cm band. I would
be looking at doing something within the next few weeks since I'm home
in Birmingham.

Thanks, and 73!

Kyle, KK4ANG
Chief Engineer, AubieSat

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