[amsat-bb] Re: 9 cubesats on board Vega

Stefan Wagener wageners at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 13:34:10 PST 2011

Fair enough,

No permanent damage done. I certainly respect the decisions made by
AMSAT-DL to focus on P3E. It's a great satellite! Let's have us go
back to building and launching satellites, the big ones and the small
ones. I believe we are all on the same page and the more diverse the
satellites are the better for all of us.

Good luck with P3E!


On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 3:22 PM, Peter Guelzow <peter.guelzow at kourou.de> wrote:
> Hi Stefan and all,
> First of all, English is not my mother language. Please apologize..
> Also I'm not a politician who thinks twice about what he is saying, in
> particular if you have to give a talk under time pressure and not in you
> native language. This is also "life".. I have to live with it..
> So it might be that I could be wrongly interpreted, in particular if someone
> already has a strong bias in another direction.. there is always room for
> false interpretations based on your own attitude.
> In my translation book "to denounce so" (denunciate the CubeSat community)
> is a very crude word,  in particular if used in an false accusation which
> was made.
> People have been killed because of this in the past!!
> So I felt it appropriate to reply in the way I did..
> If I misinterpreted your words and you did not mean it that way, I can only
> apologize for saying you were “crude” and “blinded by rage” in your
> interpretation of what I have said (or not said)...
> Unfortunately you ignored the rest of my Statements.
> On 09.12.2011 05:56, Stefan Wagener wrote:
> Now then, please help me and others understand your comments you made at
> AMSAT-UK (listed below): "The amateur community in general is not interested
> in Cubesats, "I know some of you might not like to hear that "It might sound
> like a high nose attitude, but it is life "Those that have done P3
> satellites have no interest in Cubesats If those statements, which by the
> way come directly from the AMSAT-UK video of your presentation
> I do not read anywhere that I or AMSAT-DL is denouncing the CubeSats (or the
> CubeSat community) ??
> I can not speak for the whole amateur community in general, but only for the
> AMSAT-DL membership and a lot of them had the luck to experiences satellites
> like P3-B (AO-10), P3-C (AO-13) and P3-D AO-40).
> What is so wrong with our membership favoring another P3-E over a CubeSat?
> Who was it who called those P3-E supporters being from or living in the past
> century and of high nosed attitude?
> Our membership is favor in finishing P3-E and getting it launched.  Thus we
> are concentrating in getting enough funding to finish and launch it.  We
> even have to go “out of the ordinary” ways to achieve this goal and beyond.
> This is not easy, we never told it would be easy.. I agree, we could have
> chosen an simpler way.
> One of the good things of Amateur Radio is it's so-called Ham Spirit and the
> many facets our hobby has.
> So why not let one group doing THIS and the other doing THAT !?!?
> If someone within the AMSAT-DL community comes up with a good idea, if he
> thinks can raise money for it and if he is willing to actively work on it,
> why should I or the AMSAT-DL membership refuse him?
> Well, I suggest to read my previous mail without the mentioned words, so
> that I don't have to repeat it again and again..
> Sorry for the rest of you folks... "Ich habe fertig..."
> I hope to have some better news soon :-)
> 73s Peter DB2OS

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