[amsat-bb] Re: moderated list

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 9 10:36:04 PST 2011

> Anyone else feel the need for a moderated list?

Not really... it only hides the truth.  Unfortunately it reveals what and
who we have to work around.

In any voluntary endeavor such as ham radio, those that can contribute
something positive do (not just snide comments) or are quiet and get out of
the way so that others with the time, energy, or skills, or position can
actually make progress in some positive direction can move forward despite
all of these monkeys hanging on their backs and bitting at their ankles.

Nothing beneficial EVER comes from BS, Opinions, snide remarks, or
complaining against what OTHERS are doing.  They are the ones doing
something, these BS arm-chair complainers just get in the way.

Email is a necessary evil so that those that are moving forward can
communicate and spread the word.


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