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Bruce kk5do at amsat.org
Fri Dec 9 06:40:51 PST 2011

Having been a member of the list since the early 90's, I have seen my share of 
the same name calling, finger pointing etc. When AO-40 ceased operations, there 
was finger pointing as to who was responsible for what and who did what. This 
went on for weeks and weeks. There have been many more instances of this. 

We have always had problems with let's say one person being negative and 
starting a flame thread going. What makes this list unique is that it is not 
moderated and everyone can voice their opinion.

How would you feel if you posted a message to the list and you used a word in it 
that the moderator felt was not appropriate for the list and your message was 
bounced? It puts a tremendous amount of work and responsibility on the 
moderator. He cannot do it alone so you will have multiple moderators. Now, you 
have several people all of which will be interpreting the rules a different way. 
We see this in the court room on a daily basis. One guy robs a bank and gets 5 
years another does it and gets 2. One is caught DWI and gets probation another 
gets 2 years. This is how our messages will be interpreted and this is probably 
worse than us being able to filter what we want when we want. 

When a thread does not meet my standards, I filter the thread to the junk bin 
and if there is someone that is continuously wreaking havoc, I filter them out. 
I have total control of what I read and see. And, as some have done over the 
years including board members, unsubscribe. These are all choices that are 
available to you and none of them needs or requires a list moderator. 


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Anyone else feel the need for a moderated list?
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