[amsat-bb] I STILL have a question!

Fri Dec 9 02:06:06 PST 2011

With all that has been said here since the "expected" death of AO-51 I 
want to KNOW what I can do to help move towards whichever, next 
satellite that can be got into space.
I don't care about the delivery vehicle , whether or not it is a cube, 
sphere, pyramid or in the shape of a Volkswagen Beetle.
I am interested in a satellite that can be used by amateurs to 
"communicate" I have my personal preferences as to what type of 
satellite I would prefer but *_at this point I don't care what type of 
satellite it is.
_*I know how to adapt to what ever mode it operates on.
_*I just want to know WHAT TO SUPPORT AND HOW TO SUPPORT IT!*_
all I have heard ,"stop the attacks, do this do that"
I still don't have a clear picture of what is the closest to being ready 
and what we need to do to facilitate it's completion.I can't support it 
if the "powers to be" won't tell us what is needed.

Information is power and I don't have any information on what direction 
we need to head.

that's my opinion!

*_Lead, follow or get out of the way!_*

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