[amsat-bb] Re: 9 cubesats on board Vega

Peter Guelzow peter.guelzow at kourou.de
Thu Dec 8 15:36:08 PST 2011

On 08.12.2011 16:17, Stefan Wagener wrote:
> very simple, politics.
> AMSAT-DL's  leadership has openly
> denouced Cubesats. So two of the biggest AMSATs either can't or don't
> want to. Talk about a pathetic situation for our community.
> Stefan VE4NSA

I don't know what kind of problem you have and why you make such crude
and false presences.

What is so wrong when we are saying that we (the AMSAT-DL members and
BOD) want to build and fly another "AMSAT P3-E" rather than a CubeSat?

Should we scrap P3-E for the sake of another CubeSat??

Neither does the AMSAT-DL BOD nor does our membership condemn or
disapprove CubeSats.

In the past years we had CubeSat team from German Universities coming to
our Symposium.
We have even given advice to some of them or help *if wanted*. We also
attended a critical design review of SwissCube, etc..
I was personally at the CubeSat laboratory of the University of Tokyo a
couple of years ago to see some of their first CubeSats and discuss some
ideas with the Students and their Professor.

We have simply decided to concentrate our efforts to what is more
important for our community.

If you would have listen *carefuly* and not blinded by rage to what I
have said during the AMSAT-UK Colloquium, you would not make repeatedly
such statements...

Peter DB2OS
President AMSAT-DL

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