[amsat-bb] Re: 2 Meter TV Interference

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Dec 7 14:16:01 PST 2011


> I didn't think there were any vhf stations left. All the numbers on the
> channels now are virtual. All the tv antenna plans are for uhf bands. A
> quick look in the Boston market and the lowest channel is 19, channel
> 2 at 500MHz. Are there places that still use vhf?

The Phoenix area still has 3 TV stations on the high VHF channels
7-13 (KAET/PBS on 8, KSAZ/Fox on 10, KPNX/NBC on 12), but none
on the low VHF channels 2-6.  The Tucson area still has one station
on the high VHF channels, and southwestern Arizona around Yuma
has 3 - also on high VHF channels.  There are many low-power TV
stations and translators around Arizona still operating on both low
and high VHF channels.  Many of these are still broadcasting in
analog, as these stations were not required to make the change to
digital TV along with the full-power stations.  Some translator
stations are now being moved to digital TV in rural Arizona.

An explanation on why many TV stations are now on UHF channels
instead of VHF in the USA is at:




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