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PE0SAT pe0sat at vgnet.nl
Mon Dec 5 08:55:19 PST 2011

Thanks for this clear statement.

I totally agree with you except "the grade school nonsense" comment.
That is exactly what not to do, but return to the base of the mailing list.

73 Jan PE0SAT

> I've noticed lately this board is sounding more and more like the boards
> on a certain ham radio forum. Filled with personal attacks. Would the
> things you say on the internet be something you would say to a persons
> face? I think not. I thought we were on this board for one purpose,
> amateur radio satellite communications. FM, SSB, CW, packet,  it doesn't
> matter. Making contacts through a satellite zooming overhead is just a
> lot of fun. And when you stop to think about it, pretty darn amazing.
> Let's get back to helping one another and making contacts without all
> the grade school nonsense.
> Jim Adams - K0BAM
> Delta County, Colorado DM68

With regards PE0SAT
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