[amsat-bb] Lets move forward

Frank Woolfe frankwoolfe at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 4 14:01:25 PST 2011

Unfortunately AO51 is gone, my thoughts are to get the P3E project moving
and the thing in the air so we all can continue to enjoy this facet of the
hobby; Can any one tell me what is the status of P3E? The web page appears
to be not updated for some time. So I guess for those of you that have stood
in their backyard and worked AO51 with a HT and a Arrow for many years what
was that worth to you? I know that there a many in Australia that have
hogged the thing let alone world wide, so how about putting your short arm
in your deep pocket and donating to the project, stop all this bickering and
move forward all this arguing that I've been reading is so counter
productive to the cause. Remember gentlemen it's just a Hobby.


Frank H Woolfe; Dip EE,VK5KV. 


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