[amsat-bb] sats to support

Michael Hatzakis lists at hatzakis.net
Sun Dec 4 12:32:35 PST 2011

Someone asked the question about which satellite projects to support with
donation dollars.  Given my $$ investment in my satellite station, I would
also like to step up my donations to support new transponder-based sats.
With the recent loss of AO-51 and FO-29 and with only one SSB and one FM sat
left and AO-7 when it's working, I am feeling the loss of this part of my

After the last post, I looked up FOX and the AMSAT presidential update; my
understanding is that FOX-1 is at least two years out, and after the project
split, FOX-1 will be a "quick" FM sat and FOX-2, a simpler, higher power
transponder based sat.  Because of reducing resources and membership, FOX-2
is probably no less than 4+ years out.  SwissCubesat is interesting, but
there are no ham freq projects in the pipeline here or at AMSAT-UK.

We all have our own personal preferences, and I still enjoy SO-50, but, I do
get a little restless not being able to have much of a QSO on one FM channel
with people jumping in and out and on top of each other.  The technical
challenge of building tracking and high gain SSB antennas and pre-amp etc is
personally exciting for me...

I plan to support AMSAT and FOX, but I also prefer to find ways to vote with
my dollar to support a transponder-based sat.  I am not sure how AMSAT made
the FM satellite decision, ie., was there an actual market needs analysis of
what members were more likely to support with their dollars... 

I would appreciate someone giving an overview of what other sats are in the
pipeline, or, how I can show my $$ support for transponder-based projects?  

Michael K3MH

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