[amsat-bb] Re: just a few things

N0JY n0jy at lavabit.com
Sun Dec 4 08:07:04 PST 2011


I'm sure you know this, but for those who haven't seen it the Fox-1 web 
page has a lot of that detail.  The details of the satellite as it is 
developed and the timeline are readily available.
Fox-2 will take more specific form as Fox-1 progresses and we discover 
what we can do in a cubesat form factor.



On 12/4/2011 2:29 AM, Bob- W7LRD wrote:
> ...Nothing works better than specific, concise and honest details be if from AMSAT-NA or our DL friends.  I recently gave a satellite talk and could not give definitive anwers about even the future out a few years, other than my own hopes and dreams.  The university "beep" boxes we have assisted with are kinda fun, why not hang on a small transponder from   http://www.qsl.net/pe1rah/ .  I'd like to see a specific goal oriented conversation in this direction, that in my opinion provides direction.  With very specific goals we will have direction (money).

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