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George and Cheryl Abbott ka1ajf at cox.net
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My guess would be AO13.If you have the exact date and time you may be able 
to determine which satellite it was by using an old computer and the 
original Quiktrack program.73,George W1GMA

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> Back in late 1997 or early 1998 I was using a Kenwood TR9130 on 2m SSB.
> One morning I was tuning from the FM to the SSB portion of the band, and
> heard a station just below 146mhz.  I tuned them in, and it was a station
> from Wales!  Obviously going thru a satellite as the 2 meter conditions
> weren't that good that morning.  I am now wondering what satellite it
> probably was.  Hearing it was enough to motivate me to eventually get into
> satellite operations-that took a few years though.
> Anyways, what satellite was I probably hearing?  I am guessing AO10 or
> AO13 but were they operational at that time?
> 73s John AA5JG

Hi John, AA5JG

OSCAR-10 was launched in 1983 and it started to get problems with the
main computer in 1986

OSCAR-13 was launched in 1988 and reientered because of drag in 1996

Between 1997 or early 1998  OSCAR-10 was operating time to time with
low level signals in Mode-B, 2 meters downlink while OSCAR-13 was died.

If you are sure about the time of your reception back in late 1997 or early
1998 I guess that probably you was hearing or OSCAR-10 or mostly RS-12
a powerful LEO satellite in Mode-KT with uplink in 15 meters and downlink
in two bands at the same time i.e.10 meters in the Mode-K and 2 meters in
Mode-T exactly from 145.907 to 145.953 MHz

BTW at that time 23 april 1996 OSCAR-10 was still well operational in
Mode-B because I have the QSL card from i8KRO for a QSO made through
two satellites OSCAR-10 and RS-12

The uplink on RS-12 for i8KRO was in 21 MHz and the uplink for me
on OSCAR-10 was in 435 MHz while the downlink for both of us was
in 145 MHz

Nice to remember !

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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