[amsat-bb] Re: Good signal from ARISSat-1

Masahiro Arai m-arai at a.email.ne.jp
Wed Aug 3 15:07:11 PDT 2011

I got one BSPK-1000 TLM, two Kurks Exp and three SSTVs at the pass.

FCD is great

Have a fun!


Masa  JN1GKZ

>I just heard ARISSat-1 signal at 2057-2106z. FM, CW and BPSK are well.
>I heard Voice tlm, Msgs, SSTVs. It wass High power mode.
>Here is the Voice tlm at 2101z.
>MET = 139min
>IHU Temp = +27C
>Control Panel Temp = +17C
>Battery Voltage = 33.884V
>Battery Current = +457mAmA
>I'll check recoded wave file with FCD.
>Masa  JN1GKZ   Tokyo


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