[amsat-bb] Re: KD8KSN Active Tomorrow (4/30) for Boy Scout Demo

Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 30 14:59:50 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the QSOs during my portable operation today.  It was probably the 
hardest portable operation I have done so far, as I am sure some of you 
heard the plane that kept buzzing around every time I would transmit... ;-) 
I can't exactly say what was causing that horrible "buzz" every time I would 
transmit, but I do know that Horns Hill (where I was operating from) has 
three towers with cell, amateur, police and fire repeaters on them.  I could 
barely hear my downlink through the buzz, and the trees really complicated 
it as well.  The first AO27 and AO51 passes were okay with a few QSOs made, 
but we decided to just monitor the last AO27.  I heard at least one station 
call on the 1957z AO27 pass, but I did not feel comfortable transmitting. 
Everyone just enjoyed listening - especially to that pass.  Everyone enjoyed 
hearing WD9EWK and KF7MYK on the west coast along with CO6CBF in Cuba and 
VE3JW in Canada.

I was able to log all of the QSO from the first AO27 pass, but I do need the 
1942z AO51 recording.  I had to sacrifice my recorder jack for an external 
speaker.  If someone could email that to me I would greatly appreciate it!

If EN80 was new for anyone, let me know and I will send one of my regular 
cards - no return/sase needed.

Thank you to the gracious ops today who put up with the noise!



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Subject: KD8KSN Active Tomorrow (4/30) for Boy Scout Demo

Hi All,

I have been asked to do a few satellite demos for some Boy Scouts tomorrow
afternoon on Horn’s Hill, Newark Ohio.  The location sits about 400-500’
above the rest of the terrain which is great for low passes, but there are
several trees to contend with.  It would be great if a few people could call
so the scouts could hear a typical exchange, and it would be really great if
whoever calls could give their state as well.

Here are the passes I plan to be on:

AO27    30/1817z    50*

AO51    30/1942z    15*

AO27    30/1957z    19*

I will be operating with my usual call, or I might be operating using W8CBF.
Grid will still be EN80.

We will also be on HF:

JOTA Scout Frequencies
> Band
> 80-meter
>       3.940 MHz
> 40-meter
>      7.190 MHz
> 20-meter
>       14.290 MHz
> 10-meter
>       28.390 MHz

Sorry I can't provide more details about the event.  I believe there were a
few organizational issues.  The passes and HF ops will be dependent on who
all shows up, band conditions and weather.  There are supposedly 400-500
scouts that will be coming through.

If you would like a card, send me the QSO details and I will send you one -
no return necessary.



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