[amsat-bb] New Sat operators

saguaroastro@cox.net saguaroastro at cox.net
Fri Apr 29 10:31:39 PDT 2011


A few weeks back, my radio club, The Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club (www.w7tbc.org) held an antenna building session where several members built satellite antennas from Kent Britain, WA5VJB, plans. Tomorrow is our Spring picnic and I'm planning on getting a few of the folks who built this antenna on the birds. Hopefully I'll have a few new voices on the following passes:

AO-27	1957UT
AO-27	2136UT
AO-51	2258UT

So if you hear a new call from DM33, help them get their first satellite QSO.

Not sure how many will be there, but here are a few calls you may hear:


You can see some pictures from the build session on the club web site (see the link above)

Thanks in advance

73 de Rick

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