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Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
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Hi John,

The Arrow actually come predrilled with 1/4" holes on all four sides.  This 
should fit all standard tripods.  To switch polarization using a tripod, you 
will need to have a tripod that not only enables you to move the antenna (or 
camera) forward and backward (up/down) as most tripods do, but you will also 
need one that pivots vertically/horizontally.  Not all camera tripods do 
this - it will depend on what type you have.

> Not going to worry about logging until I get
> comfortable enough receiving.

You should look into using a recorder (your phone might even have one!). 
Even for the experienced handheld beam user it is a challenge to log while 
doing a pass.  Just set your phone or recorder near you, and then you can go 
back after the pass and log.  No hassle whatsoever.



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OK, I finally received the ARROW satellite antenna. I believe I have all
necessary to make AO-51 contacts (any maybe SO-50) while I am camping in
the Motorhome. I have a Yaesu FT-470 with Speaker Mic, the Arrow antenna
and I approprated the camera tri-pod from my bride. Not going to worry
about logging until I get comfortable enough receiving.

I seem to remember someone mentioning they used the tripod top plate to
change polarity. How was that done? Do I need to poke a hole thru my New
Arrow to attach it to the tripod? Anyone out there BTDT (been there,
done that)?


NS1Z / EL99bf
John Wilcox
Silver Springs, FL

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