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Wed Apr 27 18:16:04 PDT 2011

John, I worked Hector on 3/3 and 21/4.
I am sitting her wondering......I don't know anything about being a qsl manager but wonder if I can help him out. Particularly if it helps him achieve VUCC.
I could receive e-mail logs and check and respond to mail  requests.
I keep up with my own cards, though the volume has dropped as more get EM30 and now abother station is in this grid.
And you know I am serious about the hamsats. I'd even pay for his batch of qsl cards. That would not break me. Hi!
>From your post, it seems you have a relationship with Hector. 
What do  you think?
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> John,
> The timing of your post was fortuitous. I'm just catching up on QSL's and I had worked Hector on 2 Apr. I was about to send him an email asking how to handle the QSL request. I'll keep my eyes on the mailbox.
> Did you happen to note the calls he QSL'd? Might help someone who worked him but doesn't get a card for whatever reason figure out the details.
> It was nice to get Cuba in the books. 
> 73
> Rick K7TEJ
> ---- John Papay <john at papays.com> wrote: 
> > Hector, CO6CBF, made his first satellite QSO back on
> > January 27th, 2011 on the AO-51 satellite.  He didn't
> > have much help getting started but he read and built an
> > antenna and made that contact after he could successfully
> > hear others on the satellite.
> > 
> > I've only worked 3 Cuban stations, CO8TW in FL20, CO5LU in EL93
> > and Hector CO6CBF in EL92.  EL92 is rare.  I did not have it and
> > neither did KO4MA, K6YK or NI7P/exN7SFI.  I sent the card to
> > Hector before I did any research on the mail issues.  It turns
> > out that mail from Cuba to the USA has been suspended by the
> > Cuban government due to delays with our TSA screening incoming
> > mail.  Cuba feels that this delay is unacceptable.  You would
> > think that mail from the USA to Cuba would be refused also but
> > that is not the case.  Hector reported being very surprised to
> > receive a card from me with an IRC in tact. The mail from the
> > USA to Cuba works.  Sending IRC's is acceptable.  Green stamps
> > would not be acceptable.
> > 
> > Now the problem was how to return cards from Cuba to the USA.
> > Hector has friends that live in the US but visit Cuba from time
> > to time.  He was finally able to send a number of cards back with
> > his friend and they in turn mailed them to me for distribution.
> > 
> > There are 75 QSL cards in the mail now from Hector, CO6CBF.  Just
> > two of them are in envelopes received by Hector, however, he reports
> > that since that time, he has received several envelopes from the US.
> > 
> > There were a few cards with incorrect callsigns.  I did my best to
> > determine the intended recipient but there may be some errors on my
> > part.  If you get a card addressed to you for a contact you made with
> > Hector but your callsign is wrong, simply send a card to him and he
> > will send one back via the above mentioned process.  Be patient.
> > 
> > Please remember that Hector's first language is not English.  If he gets
> > your callsign wrong, it is likely due to your not using phonetics.  There
> > is no need to discuss phonetics; just use them when making a QSO with Hector.
> > 
> > The QSL cards are smaller than the standard QSL, 3-1/2" x 5-1/2".  That is
> > because the only printer that Hector has right now will not print that
> > size.  He is trying to fix another printer that will allow the full size
> > card to be printed.
> > 
> > Hector has shared his plans for future satellite grid operations.  He
> > will be trying to activate every grid in Cuba and may do some water grids
> > as well.  His biggest problem right now is a portable UHF radio. He has
> > 2 meter portables but nothing to take on the road for UHF.  It is unfortunate
> > that we cannot send him a radio due to restrictions, however, other countries
> > like Canada and Mexico could.  If there is anyone outside the US that has
> > a UHF portable that would cover the satellite band and would like to help
> > Hector, please consider sending it to him.  He is trying to
> > build a uhf to 2meter downconverter that could be used with a 2m HT but the
> > outcome is unknown.  Anything you build for UHF receive has to be very
> > sensitive as satellites run very low power.  An HT would be the best
> > solution.
> > 
> > So if you are one of the lucky 73 who gets a QSL card from Hector, unsolicited,
> > please take the time to make one out and return it to him.  He is trying to
> > get his VUCC and it's a lot more difficult for him than it is for us.  An
> > IRC always helps.  Please do not send cards to me.
> > 
> > Thank you Hector for getting on the birds from Cuba.  You have given many of
> > us a new grid as well as a new DXCC entity!
> > 
> > 73,
> > John K8YSE
> > 
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