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Wed Apr 27 14:45:25 PDT 2011

Thanks to everybody
for your help!!!


The restrictions
about the importation of amateur radios to my country are the same from all countries of
the world. The problem consists:


The only way that I
can use for import a radio at my country is bringing it myself or bringing it another
Ham of my country with amateur radio license active. Amateur radio equipment
importations are not permitted for common people neither by mailings.


Fortunately for me,
I have heard that here in my city a Ham will be visiting USA soon, and I could ask to
him this help.


Thanks for your


Hector, CO6CBF


Hi Dave! 

>  I have a Yaesu
FT-51R that I would be happy to give to Hector. Is there a 
> Canadian ham that
I can ship it to and have them reship to Hector? 

Please make sure to get in
touch with Hector *before* anything is sent 
or taken to Cuba. It appears that
there may be a permit or license that 
is required before the radio can be legally
imported in Cuba. See: 


The following link (in Spanish) from Cuban Customs: 


backs up what is explained in
English on the first link. 

I'm no lawyer, and no expert on Cuban law or
customs regulations, but 
let's make sure we don't put Hector in hot water
unintentionally. With 
that said, maybe there is a way a radio like this one can
get down there 
so Hector can have an easier time working the FM birds. 


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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