[amsat-bb] Re: DJ-G7 for LEO

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Apr 27 08:19:30 PDT 2011

Hi Bill!

> Is it just de-sense, or lower sensitivity on the sub-band? I have one on
> loan I am going to try (A-B compare to my FT-530 with the Arrow), as soon as
> I find a SMA-BNC adapter in my shack.

Actually, it's both.  There is very noticeable desense, and the sub-band VFO
is less sensitive than the main band.  The main band is for ham bands only,
where the sub-band VFO has the wide-band receiver.

You *may* be able to work with the DJ-G7 using memory channels in the main
band, but won't have full-duplex operation that way.  I have not tried it using
memory channels for the satellites.

> I read the QST review and the author said "no issue" except for same-band
> sub-band, but he is not an experienced LEO user (as he stated in the
> review).

The CQ magazine review was also a huge disservice.  The DJ-G7, although
a good radio for non-satellite work and with analog FM at 1.2 GHz (the main
reason I kept one of the two I bought at Dayton in 2009), is a disappointment
for satellite work.  Go with your FT-530 for satellites.



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