[amsat-bb] Re: Arrow and ELK comparative antenna tests

John Kopala jkopala at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:29:30 PDT 2011

One supplemental note on the testing of the Arrow and ELK antennas.

I indicated that having both the transmit and receive antennas in the same plane with the ELK might 
have some advantages.

I failed to mention that having the crossed yagi design of the Arrow isolates the 2 antennas from 
each other and may help to minimize UHF downlink desensing when transmitting on a VHF uplink.  This 
can vary greatly with the configuration and the radios used, but certainly would provide significant 
isolation when separate radios are used for the uplink and downlink.  Recent posts on the Alinco 
DJ-G7 also highlight the fact that the radio itself my desense on one band when transmitting on the 
other.  In that case, all the isolation in the world might not make any difference.

John Kopala

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