[amsat-bb] Re: VUCC, grids, and a new QTH

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Apr 25 10:20:17 PDT 2011


> Your response does confirm what I thought the answer was.  I guess the only
> thing I am wondering now is, if I move to SC, would it be acceptable to say
> I have 500 grids confirmed, or should I say 0?

You could say you have 500 grids from EN80, and (insert number) from
(insert other location).  You'll be able to say you have satellite VUCC,
along with any other awards, regardless of where you were and where
you are now,

> VUCC is one aspect of it,
> but how about the day to day grid collecting.  Since it would not be counted
> towards an award, I do not see an issue with that, as long as you keep track
> of what grids were working in OH and which ones were worked in SC.

QSOs made outside that 200km limit would not count for your EN80-based
satellite VUCC, but could count for a new VUCC somewhere else.  You would
just have to keep track of which grids you worked from each location.

Other awards have other limitations.  K5OE mentioned some other awards in
his recent post.

> I also know it is 200km - I was confusing it with 124mi.  ;-)

I thought that was the case, but wanted to ensure we were referring to the
proper limit for a satellite VUCC.

> BTW, I am not considering moving to SC (no offense to SC residents).  If I
> had to move somewhere other than OH it would be CO.

If you travel a lot to some other location, you could attempt to get awards
like a satellite VUCC away from home.  I am gradually doing that for northern
Baja California as XE2/WD9EWK and Vancouver as VA7EWK.  I know it will
take more trips to both places (and, for Mexico, more contributions to the
Mexican federal treasury every time I get a new XE permit) to get 100 grids
confirmed.  For a Phoenix-based satellite VUCC (whenever that application
is ever processed), I know I can operate from portions of 6 grids including the
city park on the DM33xp/DM43ap grid boundary I typically operate from and
remain within the 200km limit.  Other road trips are for the enjoyment of
working stations and confirming QSOs with those stations, even though I
can't count the QSOs toward a Phoenix-based satellite VUCC.  Then again,
if I accumulated confirmations for 100 grids from places like DM31, I could
apply for another satellite VUCC for that location.



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