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Other things to consider before moving to CO:
- your WAS award will only count for contacts made from OH
- your DXCC award will count from anywhere in the lower USA
- your WAC award will count from anywhere in N.A.
- your WAP award will count from anywhere on Earth

Jerry, K5OE

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Hi Patrick,

Your response does confirm what I thought the answer was.  I guess the only 
thing I am wondering now is, if I move to SC, would it be acceptable to say 
I have 500 grids confirmed, or should I say 0?  VUCC is one aspect of it, 
but how about the day to day grid collecting.  Since it would not be counted 
towards an award, I do not see an issue with that, as long as you keep track 
of what grids were working in OH and which ones were worked in SC.

I also know it is 200km - I was confusing it with 124mi.  ;-)

BTW, I am not considering moving to SC (no offense to SC residents).  If I 
had to move somewhere other than OH it would be CO.

Thanks for the response!


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Hi Zack!

> I have an “out of the blue” question that hit me the other day since I am
> a freshmen in college and will likely move away from home sometime in
> the next 5+ years...  I know the VUCC rules say you can count any grid
> towards VUCC that was worked from two locations no more than 120km
> apart.

Actually, the limit for the maximum distance between the locations you use
for satellite VUCC is 200km, or approximately 124.2 miles.  See section 6
in the current VUCC rules at:


>  Lets say I have 500 grids worked by the time I move out (which is a LOT
> of time, work and $$), and I decide to move to SC.  Are those 500 grids
> that I worked/confirmed no longer valid towards VUCC (if I wanted to get
> an endorsement)?

If your location in South Carolina is more than 200km from all locations
you are currently operating from and using toward your current satellite
VUCC, then the South Carolina location could not be used toward your
existing satellite VUCC.  You would have to start working on a new satellite
VUCC based on your new location in South Carolina.  You would still maintain
your existing satellite VUCC award, and could add to it if you operate from
other locations that would fall within the 200km limit for that
satellite VUCC.

This probably isn't the answer you were looking for, Zack.  Then again, you
would have a new challenge to work stations from a new location further
east than you are now.



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