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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Sun Apr 24 07:33:54 PDT 2011

Sure do miss AO-40  (10 & 13 too!)
Accused of having my own agenda but I don't mind-seems to be the majority
opinion anyway... 

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2 real good points.
I for one DON'T see what the big deal is about the FM birds other then being
very easy.

Every time I listen it's like a free for all.

Sure do miss AO-40

John, W0JAB
AMSAT life member

At 04:44 PM 4/23/2011, you wrote:
>At 06:37 AM 4/24/2011, Kevin Deane wrote:
>>  Or he could just use FM since hardly anyone uses the SSB birds 
>> compared to the other sats.
>>Although I am sure there are a million reasons not to use FM. even 
>>though it works just fine on the SSB birds. The feedback I got from 
>>the FO-29 Control Team was that SSB was pretty much "the rule" or 
>>"band plan" if you will.
>FM works, but it is STRONGLY discouraged for 2 reasons:
>1.  It uses more of the transponder's bandwidth (meaning less users on 
>the bird)
>2.  It uses more transponder power, which is a serious consideration, 
>given that many of our birds are getting old and the batteries are 
>getting weak.
>73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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