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Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Sat Apr 23 13:37:07 PDT 2011

 Or he could just use FM since hardly anyone uses the SSB birds compared to the other sats. 
Although I am sure there are a million reasons not to use FM. even though it works just fine on the SSB birds. The feedback I got from the FO-29 Control Team was that SSB was pretty much "the rule" or "band plan" if you will.
I may be wrong in my opinion, but I dont see why we cant use FM other than to keep usage down? I hope everyone dosent freak out, as this seems to be "Taboo"
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> Ted,
> It sounds like you are hearing a "reflection" of your signal, not the downlink from FO-29. This is a common malady associated with 3rd harmonic interference on mode J (V/U) satellites. Try this on a pass that will reach at least 30 degrees above the horizon:
> 1. Turn HRD control of your TS2K off
> 2. Set your uplink at 145.950 CW
> 3. At AOS you should hear the beacon about 8-10 kHz above the beacon freq of 435.895 (about 435.904 MHz)
> 4. Tune your receiver to 435.850 plus that same delta from beacon (about 435.859 USB). You should be able to tune your receive and hear your CW dits (clearly). 
> 5. Zero beat the CW dits on the low side, switch to LSB and you should be exactly on frequency and can turn on TRACE and go anywhere in the passband. 
> If you have auto-Doppler turned on in HRD, your program should do the same thing as this manual procedure. 
> You should be able to hear yourself. If not, Google the diplexer fix for the harmonic problem.
> >From the center of the passbands, whatever the UHF Doppler shift is, the VHF Doppler will be approximately 1/3 in the opposite direction. This is a helpful rule for finding your downlink manually.
> 73,
> Jerry, K5OE
> -- original message --
> Good morning,
> Since putting up the Elk on a rotor (fixed el +- 25 deg), I decided to try
> some linear birds.
> I have tried FO 29 about 3x but seem to have some issues. I am using TS-2000
> in SAT mode with HRD Sat program.
> Up: 145.9 LSB
> Dn: 435.8 USB
> I am clearly able to track the bird with doppler as I can hear the CW beacon
> through the entire pass (switching back and forth). I can also TX into the
> bird and hear my signal coming back duplex. However, what is coming back is
> my voice signal but totally unintelligible. Also, I have heard no other
> stations on these passes.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Tnx for any help
> Ted, K7TRK
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