[amsat-bb] Re: FO 29 help

Bill Dzurilla billdz.geo at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 23 13:29:31 PDT 2011

It sounds like you when you are hearing your distorted voice it is some cross-mod from your own radio rather than a downlink signal from the bird.  I assume you are using a diplexer to split the coax from the Elk to 2m and 70cm, and then running coax to each output on the TS-2000?  The diplexer may not be providing adequate isolation.

The center of the FO-29 passband is 435.85, not 435.8, so as the bird is approaching you most of the SSB signals will be at .85 and higher, you need to tune around.  Signals from this bird are usually quite loud, so there must be a problem if you are not hearing anybody.  This bird is under-utilized but there are usually at least a couple of people on.

I am also using an Elk with fixed elevation (12 degrees) and it works great with my FT-847, can work FO-29 almost to the horizon.

73, Bill NZ5N

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> Good morning,
> Since putting up the Elk on a rotor (fixed el +- 25 deg), I
> decided to try
> some linear birds.
> I have tried FO 29 about 3x but seem to have some issues. I
> am using TS-2000
> in SAT mode with HRD Sat program.
> Up: 145.9  LSB
> Dn: 435.8  USB
> I am clearly able to track the bird with doppler as I can
> hear the CW beacon
> through the entire pass (switching back and forth). I can
> also TX into the
> bird and hear my signal coming back duplex. However, what
> is coming back is
> my voice signal but totally unintelligible. Also, I have
> heard no other
> stations on these passes.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Tnx for any help

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