[amsat-bb] Re: KB5WIA / P in Death Valley Next Week (DM17, etc)

David Palmer zdap42 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:18:17 PDT 2011

>> Wow, Dave, did you know that they close down DVNP after Easter for
>> the rest of the summer?  It can reach +125F or higher at Easter so be
>> prepared with lots of water.  I loved to visit Bodie and Scottie's
>> Castle.  I lived in Barstow 1971-1976.  The desert was my playground
>> with my old 66 GMC suburban V6.

Awesome!  Yeah, I'm hoping the weather won't turn extreme on us.  As
it is now, forecast for mid next week at Furnace Creek is 100F, not
too bad by comparison!  With the elevation and nighttime temperatures,
I'm expecting lows to get down to the high 30's near the Racetrack
Playa.  Talk about extremes!!

My brother's coming from Ontario Canada, so the desert will be a new
experience for him.  Will take him on a repeat of routes I've done in
recent years.  The Eureka Dunes are beautiful (plus there are the free
airshows from the low-flying jets there!), and if all goes well we'll
take a side-trip south of the dunes to see Steele Pass, the Marble
Bath, and the petroglyphs along the canyon walls there.  After the
Dunes, we'll head to the Racetrack Playa so he can see the "moving"
rocks, not sure if we'll take the route from Death Valley proper and
in by Teakettle Junction, or if we'll continue Steele Pass to Saline
Valley and go up Lippencott.  Either way we'll likely stop at Ubehebe
Crater to see just how dramatic the results of a steam explosion can
be.   After Racetrack, we'll head to Furnce Creek to enjoy the heat!

We'll be travelling in the Tacoma 4x4 that I've used previously down
there -- can't be too cautious being so far away from immediate help,
so we'll be taking it slow and easy, with plenty of water, also
provisions, repair supplies, etc.  Will also have comm via truck's HF
radio (I'll probably listen on 17m during day, 40m at night) and the
SPOT for signalling if needed.

> I didn't know they close down DVNP after Easter.  I do know that the Furnace
> Creek Golf Course is open year 'round and you can have a round of golf in
> July on one of the cool 127 degree days.  I believe proof of a will and
> testament is required before starting the round. :-)
> As for Mono Lake.  If I recall correctly, that's where the Clint Eastwood
> movie High Plains Drifter was filmed as the "fictious" town of Lago.

Ha!   Yes, the closer to summer the more the will is needed!  And
interesting trivia about Mono!

73 de Dave KB5WIA

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