[amsat-bb] Balloon across Atlantic delayed to 27/29 apr

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 21 04:54:25 PDT 2011

I have been informed:

The trans-atlantic balloon attempt, PBH-15, has been postponed until next week due to unfavorable flight predictions and some last minute testing issues. 

They will now be attempting to launch PBH-15 sometime next week (4/27-4/29). Latest info can always be found on Twitter (@PBH5) or by contacting <triebwasser at gmail.com> 

Thanks for the help and hope to hear from you next week. 

PBH5 Team

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KC2TUA announces: Balloon attempt across the Atlantic.  21 April 2011

Hams in the USA and worldwide are needed to listen on 7.1023 and 10.1466 MHz
and to send readings of the balloon's progress to PBH15.data at gmail.com. More
information about the program, including the latest projected flight path,
can be found at http://www.projectbluehorizon.com/

It also has an APRS GPS tracker on 144.39 with the callsign KC2ZJH and will
launch from Oswego, NY around midnight Thursday.  Thanks in advance for your

The HF downlink exact frequency will vary 10 Hz or so with temperature.
Accurate recording of frequency will be useful.

-Tom Triebwasser
PBH Alumnus '09


The Project Blue Horizon Increment 5 (PBH V) team has finalized a launch
window for the third and final flight of Increment 5; launch of PBH-15 is
tentatively planned for 4/21/11 – 4/22/11. The team will be rolling out GO/
NO-GO communications to all parties to provide adequate time for interested
individuals to plan accordingly for observing the launch or tracking and
following the mission progress.
The PBH-15 mission will be the Increment 5 teams attempt at breaking the
current ARHAB distance (3,361.81 miles) and duration (49 hours, 45 minutes)
records. It will include integration of an altitude control mechanism for
reducing air vehicle weight during flight to sustain float and 30m HF
communications via an Enhanced Morse Decoder provided by Dylan Thorner of
Enhanced Solutions. PBH-15 will be lifted with a 54,000 cubic foot
Zero-pressure envelope and is projected to float for long durations between
The current target for executing launch of PBH-15 is between 11:00PM –
12:00AM on Thursday (4/21)/Friday (4/22), weather and approval permitting.
At conclusion of Thursday’s Flight Readiness Review (2PM - 3PM), the team
will provide updated GO/ NO-GO information.
During the PBH-15 mission, the Twitter feed will be updated in 30 minute
increments at: http://twitter.com/PBH5
For those interested in tracking the Mission Payload, the following band
plan and call signs will be used for PBH-15:
HAM Level
Call Sign
Primary Voice / Mission Communication
Mission Payload HF (40m)
Secondary Voice / Mission Communication
  Owego Repeater (Duplex)
Mission Payload HF (30m)
Mission Payload APRS
40m HF (Morse Code)
See attached
30m HF (Morse Code)
See attached
Users can input data received from the Mission Payload via the “User Input”
tab at http://www.projectbluehorizon.com/.
Points received from the PBH-15 payload over HF can also be submitted to:
PBH15.data at gmail.com
Matthew T. Lewis 

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