[amsat-bb] XE3DX Activity EK18-EK19.

David Maciel xe3dx at prodigy.net.mx
Tue Apr 19 17:17:00 PDT 2011

now I can send the job the next day, I be in some passes just listening, 
some stationsdid not respect my work or others, many removed rework 
opportunity to others, call upothers. if someone wants to can send me 
an email and tell me you want the grid towork, I will always be happy to 
help. please use the international phonetic code,M will always be "Mike"
never change it for "mexico". everything will be easier. 

20/april/2011    02:29Z    SO-50    EK19    18:32 pm
20/april/2011    04:09Z    SO-50    EK19    18:32 pm
20/april/2011    11:54Z    AO-51    EK19    18:32 pm
20/april/2011    12:51Z    SO-50    EK19    18:32 pm
20/april/2011    19:40Z    AO-27    EK18    18:32 pm
20/april/2011    21:15Z    AO-51    EK18    04:15 pm
20/april/2011    22:52Z    AO-51    EK18    17:52 pm
21/april/2011    02:56Z    SO-50    EK18    21:56 pm

EK18 EK19
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