[amsat-bb] SATPC, IC910 & Doppler

w4upd updwrb at bristor-assoc.com
Tue Apr 19 15:44:44 PDT 2011

I may missing something obvious, but when tuning the IC-910 on FM 
satellites I noticed that under normal SQF files for AO-51, as an 
example, both uplink and downlink do doppler adjustment. In the case of 
FM or AO-51 in this case, I want the uplink to stay the same and only 
the downlink to doppler adjust. I also find that if I select the mode of 
downlink only, when the tracking and doppler starts the mode changes to 
downlink & uplink and then blanks out so you can no longer change it.

I have found a way to prevent this but it means manually setting the 
uplink frequency. If I edit DOPPLER.SQF to have downlink only and an 
upplink of 0, it prevents the uplink from adjusting. However, I had to 
manually set the uplink to the frequency I wanted. This works, but I 
feel I'm missing something simple.

Also, I've gotten use to using the IC-910 for 2-mtr band A and 70cm band 
B and only band A transmits. Unable to do this in SATPC. However, no big 
deal as the "Satellite" mode all works well, except the doppler 
adjustment of the uplink.

Anyone with an idea what I'm missing here? This is the first chance to 
really use SATPC as I have been normally doing manual tracking and the 
"AFC" on the downlink which works quite well on the IC-910.


     Reid, W4UPD
     AMSAT: 17002

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