[amsat-bb] Re: RF Quiet my digital recorder

Bill W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 18 07:03:19 PDT 2011

My Olympus DS-2 is pretty bad. In either play or record mode,
I get wide processor noise on both 2m and 435 if it
gets within a foot or so of the Arrow (in any direction). It sounds
like power-line buzz noise. If I use a direct line-in
(FT-530 ear to DS-2 Mic in), it's there all the time -- really bad.

My goal is to "y" the stereo mic in, one side to the FT-530 audio
coming from my headset, and one side to an external mic (so I can hear the
difference in play-back between what I say, and what I can hear on the 

With the FT-530 in one hand, the Arrow in the other, pen and paper is not an 
I also want to download the recordings (.wma or .mp3) so an analog recorder,
although "rf quiet", is not an option.

I plan to try shielding the recorder.... encasing it in either metal mesh, 
or maybe
an aluminum fly-lure box, and then wrapping the line on a toroid core.

In the mean time, is anyone using and can recommend a portable
digital voice recorder with a mic-in jack (preferably stereo) that
is "rf quiet"?

Bill W1PA


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