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> Dear Friends,
> There has been a great deal of speculation on the amsat-bb about
> the Russian battery on ARISSat-1 having failed. Be aware that this
> is nothing other than idle speculation. There has been no
> information from RSC-Energia to support this.
> I believe the mis-information comes from a report on the ARISSat-1
> power system that was written by me and sent to RSC-Energia. One
> of the sections included a prediction of the battery life in orbit.
> The 825M3 is a Russian space suit battery and its life was not
> specified or characterized for operation of a satellite. The most
> recent AMSAT Journal includes an article that covers this material.
> The article in the AMSAT journal predicts that the 825M3 battery
> should last for about 2 months in orbit. That means that if the
> satellite was deployed in February as originally planned, it might
> be too weak to run the satellite reliably by the time the Yuri
> celebration commenced on April 12th. This fact was stated on the
> (Russian) Roscosmos web site but is being misinterpreted as the
> battery "is weak."
> For the record, the battery in ARISSat-1 was a brand new 825M3
> space suit battery and was charged on the ISS prior to the February
> test. After charging, the battery can run ARISSat-1 for at least 100
> hours so it should have had more than enough remaining charge to
> operate through the Yuri Gagarin event. It is of course possible
> that the battery did indeed fail but any information propagated
> on amsat-bb to that effect at this time is not based on facts.
> AMSAT is working with RSC-Energia and NASA to identify the actual
> reason that the satellite was not heard.
> 73,
> Tony AA2TX
Hi Tony, AA2TX

I know that you did a great work for ARISSsat-1,congratulations,
but after reading the Gould Smith report AMSAT NEWS SERVICE
ANS-104 ANS Special Bulletin - ARISSat-1 Not Heard During
Gagarin Commemoration everyone understand that there was a poor
connection between NASA, AMSAT and RSC-Energia.

I hope AMSAT will be able to identify the actual technical reason
that the satellite was not heard.

To be honest with you the actual situation of a "unknow technical 
reason" for ARISSsat-1 is spiritually similar to when someone forgot
to remove the famous red cap over a valve of AO40 before to fly and
once again we are all concerned for the future !

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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