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> I know this is a bit off topic.... I am finally ready to make a dipole or
two. I noticed that the solder I&#39;ve been using (it came with the Weller
gun) is 60/40. I am Planning to purchase a bit more and it seems to come in
a variety of mixes. Is there a preferred solder for amateur use and where do
you typically purchase this?  I was looking online, but would love to find
it locally.
> Thanks,
> Zach

Hi Zack

The finest quality solder mix for our job is 62 % Sn ,36% Pb and 2% Ag with
plastic rosin from ALFHA METALS INC. a well know manufacturer in Jersey
City,New Jersey or Chicago Illinois or Los Angeles California.
You will find many sellers on Google.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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