[amsat-bb] ARISSat-1 battery.

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Wed Apr 13 07:11:21 PDT 2011

Hi Nitin / Vince.
Although the non appearance of ARISSat-1 has been a little disappointing,  
in the overall scheme of things we are still looking at a major AMSAT  
achievement here. There is after all a satellite awaiting 'launch' on the ISS.  
We know it's a success because so many people have named it and want it to be 
 identified as belonging to them. We even have some working telemetry 
decoding  software 3 months ahead of launch. - Yipee. 
I'm really not sure what all the confusion over the last few days tells  
us.  Prepared press releases full of mistakes, a complete lack of  preperation 
following the long period of testing which left the battery  delpleted. No 
plan B to charge it during the sleep period - One wonders if the  switches 
were even returned to the correct positions when it was last turned  off.
Despite a turbulent last few days, the main event is yet to come and as  
long as the designers have anticipated it being deployed with a completely  
flat battery, then we can all sit back and wait for July more prepared from 
this  rehearsal than we would have been.
David G0MRF
In a message dated 12/04/2011 21:13:19 GMT Standard Time, vlfiscus at mcn.net  

At 10:49  PM 4/11/2011 +0530, vu3tyg at amsatindia.org wrote:
>Nothing heard on the  16.20 UTC pass, watch the live feed from ISS  from
>http://spaceflight.nasa.gov looks like the crew is working on  addressing 
>issue, the last comment I heard is recharging the  batteries ( Please 
>if I am wrong J  ).
>Nitin  [VU3TYG]

That's what I was thinking because someone should have  heard it by 
now.  Maybe in two months pass the time since it should  launched, even 
though it was off there might have been a small drain on  the batteries and 
now they're in a discharge  state.


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