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Again, back in "those dayes" we did not have the luxury of computer
simulation and from trial and error the majority of people found that about
30 degrees above the horizontal worked the best.  That is why the "olde
tymers" recommend 30 degrees.  It worked very well and we made many contacts
using the LEO satellites.

Glen, K9STH

Hi Glen, K9STH

In those days of OSCAR-6 we did not have the luxury of a PC but we used the
OSCARLOCATOR.By the way for best performance on OSCAR-6 ,OSCAR-7
and OSCAR-8 an elevation motor was required and the most popular for
elevation was a KR-500 allowing manual elevation traking and flipping when

A 30 degrees elevation for the antennas was seldom used with OSCAR-6 ,7 and
8 resulting in marginal performance.

With the actual LEO satellites like VO-52 , AO-51 and FO-29 the altitude is
much lower and according to Bob Bruniga demonstration a fixed elevation of
15 to 20 degrees seems to be a good compromise but obviously using an
elevation motor is much better.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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