[amsat-bb] NASA Statement on ARISSat-1

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 11 16:39:28 PDT 2011

To those who intimately KNOW ARISSat-1 - Does this all make sense to you? Especially the part, " ... checking out its 430 MHz transmitter from the satellite control panel ... " You do not need to get technical with me in an answer - but does what this statement say "feel" like all is well?


" ... Dmitri performed hardware setup and test activation of the TEKh-43 Radioskaf-B “Kedr” microsatellite 
in the MRM2 Poisk module, connecting it to an 825M3 Orlan battery and checking out its 430 MHz 
transmitter from the satellite control panel.[The small satellite was named Kedr in honor of the call 
sign of Yuri Gagarin. It will be activated onboard the station tomorrow, April 12, i.e., Cosmonautics 
Day, when the world celebrates the anniversaries of the first human flight into space and the first Space 
Shuttle flight. Development, manufacturing and launch of Kedr is the first phase in Russia’s integrated 
program approved by UNESCO, with the goal to create and operate mini-satellites with a mass less than 
100 kg by combined efforts of students across the world. Once Kedr is activated, it will transmit 25 
greetings in 15 languages, pictures of Earth, and telemetry data from science hardware and support 
systems, as well as historical audio recordings. 50 years after Gagarin’s flight all ham radio operators 
across the world thus will have a unique opportunity to hear the famous “Poyekhali” (Let’s Go!) from 
Earth orbit.]"


Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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