[amsat-bb] Re: Typical pass for Echo?

Bill Dzurilla billdz.geo at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 15:50:51 PDT 2011

Welcome back to the sats.  I did not hear the pass you mentioned, but typically AO-51 is very busy on mid-day passes, even more so on weekends.  The early morning passes are usually better.  Of the FM birds, AO-51 is the busiest, AO-27 is a bit less busy, and SO-50 is usually not very busy.  SO-67 is also not that busy, but it has been turned on just for a week or two a month.  The SSB birds are all uncrowded, with room for everybody.

73, Bill NZ5N  
> Today's 3:30 EDT AO-51 pass was the first pass I have tried
> to 
> work on a LEO in a long time (years). Blew the dust 
> off the FT-530 and Arrow and sat out in the parking lot at
> work.
> Was that pretty typical (i.e. quantity of stations) now for
> a 
> mid-afternoon, weekday pass over the US?
> What about the very early morning passes?
> Bill W1PA 

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