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Eric Thompson n6spp at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 12:08:29 PDT 2011

Thnx Kenneth-  

 I'll post my prediction chart again here for S.Central AK--- 

Here is what I see for BP51 passes-
(Six more  passes at +1 elev or more)

For AOS+ max elevation (bp51cf) I show:
monday +3 max elev    aos:   0710AK 
tues         +5                              0117AK
tues        +12                            0250AK
tues        +13                             0425AK
tues         +6                              0600AK
wed         +1                              0009AK
wed         +9                              0141AK
Initial xsmsn ending Wednesday at 0230 AK local.
So maybe a shot for the guys that want to try at 0250 or 0425 AK local 
tomorrow.. at max elev-ISS in southern sky.
  Will see what we can get...   Eric  n6spp
(ps- any help is great.. + I have the arrisat2 links+ a few programs+iphone apps 

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ARISSat-1 should be active until April 13 at 10:30 UTC. You get a shot at it on 
April 12.

Kenneth - N5VHO

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Eric, N6SPP/KL7 no reception of ARISSat at 1512utc  Next time ISS is 
visible will be 9:15utc Apr. 12  5-deg max elevation.  ARISSat will 
be turned off before the pass at 10:50utc.  Very little chance to 
observe from Alaska.

>Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 08:22:53 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Eric Thompson <n6spp at yahoo.com>
>Subject: Re: ARRISAT Initial xmsn//Pass#1 @0712AK=nada
>Nada here on 145.95,919, or 939..    Elk  horiz.. no polarity 
>control.. +3 degrees max elev  at 0712AK...  wav file recording  ready..
>    Eric n6spp
>From: Eric Thompson <n6spp at yahoo.com>
>Sent: Sun, April 10, 2011 11:28:35 PM
>Subject: ARRISAT Initial transmissions- Monday 11th 0700AK
>Hey guys-
>Please see the attached ISS quick-pass list.
>According to the latest bulletin, the timed transmissions are from 
>(BP51- AOS) 0710 AK Monday to  (BP51-AOS) 0141 AK Wednesday..
>If I'm reading this right, there are seven passes during this 
>period.. BP51 local pass times are 0710,0250, 0425. 0600  etc..
>Max elevations are 3, 5, 12,13,6,1, 9 degrees  etc..
>Looks like an early morning challenge.  Yow
>  Dale, am I on the right page? Are you going to attempt some of 
> these sigs just above the horizon?
>  Initial transmission downlinks:  145.95 FM  voice,telem,robot 36,bpsk.
>145.939 cw-1, 145.919 cw-2.
>  I'd like to make recordings and send to KA2UPW/5, but not sure if 
> I'll be awake. hi
>    Eric  KL/N6SPP

73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
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