[amsat-bb] Re: The Need for Phonetics

John Becker w0jab at big-river.net
Mon Apr 11 09:16:12 PDT 2011

At 07:52 PM 4/10/2011, you wrote:
>This is a bunch of baloney!  Your "unpublished" non-standard just confuses 
>most people.  I've listened to hours of DX and the ITU alphabet gets through 
>just fine.  It's when people start throwing out their cutesy made up 
>alphabet that it gets confusing.

I could not agree more.

over the years I think I have heard it all.
But nothing and I due mean nothing works like
the old standard. 

It's confusing enough living in a town named "LOUISIANA"
in the state of " MISSOURI.

John, W0JAB

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