[amsat-bb] Re: ITU Phonetics - Kilo

Roger Kolakowski Rogerkola at aol.com
Sun Apr 10 22:52:51 PDT 2011

Until they start "correcting" names and Bombay becomes Mumbai and Peking 
becomes Beijing...


On 4/10/2011 6:57 PM, Glen Zook wrote:
> If you want to get technical, geographic names has been a "standard" much longer than the ICAO phonetics.  However, it is fine with me if you insist on using the ICAO phonetics when in a DX pileup.  That just means that I am generally going to work the DX first!
> As I keep saying, there is a place for ICAO phonetics and there is a place for geographic names.  I do use ICAO phonetics when working stateside and generally with operators who speak English as their primary language.  But, when in a pileup trying to work a DX station I definitely switch to geographical names because I work the DX MUCH sooner!
> Glen, K9STH

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