[amsat-bb] Re: STANDARD

K5VGU Duane Vigue k5vgu at netzero.com
Sun Apr 10 19:37:12 PDT 2011

No comment on the phonetics discussion...tastes great, less filling...however, I do have something on the following comment:
 <<<Oh and by the way its HAND HELD not handy talky, you guys talkin on your baby moniter or somethin?>>>
A little history lesson for some of us here ( me included )...google SCR-536...I assume this is where the term "handie talkie" comes from.  Note the radio "received coverage" in the November 1942 QST.  Interesting.
73 all...see you on the birds!
Duane, K5VGU
Wetumpka, AL

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