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Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 16:08:57 PDT 2011

As a matter of information, until relatively recently the ARRL suggested their own set of phonetics that had basically nothing to do with the ICAO or even the old military phonetics.  It was closer to the still in effect APCO phonetic alphabet.  In fact, they "suggested" at least 3 different phonetic alphabets over the years.  I looked in the 1970 Handbook and the ARRL phonetic alphabet is still there along with the ICAO phonetic alphabet.  I don't have a 1971 Handbook so I don't know if they were still "pushing" their own.  However, the ARRL finally gave up and in the 1972 Handbook only the ICAO phonetic alphabet is listed.

You could always tell someone who only had ARRL publications as reference because those operators were the only ones using the ARRL phonetic alphabet.  Even the headquarters' staff didn't use the ARRL phonetic alphabet!

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